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“In a world obsessed with eclectic Americana, St. James’ traditional take on songwriting makes him unique, and he has a versatile repertoire that trips across the genre. He has upbeat, old school rock numbers such as “Talk to Me” and heartfelt numbers such as “My Guitar.”
Stephan Centanni, Lagniappe, Mobile, Alabama (May 28, 2014)

“Legend is romantically kind to the nomadic troubadour who packs his guitar, leaves 9-to-5 society behind and heads out on the road to play his music for anybody and everybody along the way who stops to listen.”
Jeff Harrell - South Bend Tribune
South Bend Tribune, South Bend, Indiana Article

“He launches into an original song, gliding into lyrics in a voice that first hits the ear as a blend of Jimmy Buffett and Jim Croce — something about those Jimmys and Jims for this St. James — before shifting into cruise control with his own homey campfire-side tenor. His fingers strum chords on strings between palm-thumps on the guitar’s wooden body, keeping impeccable time like a muted conga.”
Jeff Harrell - South Bend Tribune

"Jim St. James has been on a non stop voyage, sailing across our planet, writing, singing and playing his original songs. They come straight from the heart...straight to the people, whether it be to large crowds, small, or the solitary listener. Jim has been given a precious gift that few possess. The gift to create and paint with words, pictures of love, hate and joy, capturing the everyday existence of man, woman and child. There are many titles that can be bestowed upon Jim, but none better describes the man, his music and his gift more completely than the title of consummate musician"
RC O'Leary Nashville, TN


"Jim has performed the world over with his heart felt original compositions and upbeat songs on positivity and life. Given just one listen, almost anyone can find themselves living in the poetry and music of Jim St. James."
C. Ramos, Website Review

"Jim St. James, on tour from Florida. A great American voice, mixing country, Americana and ballads."
Monterey Court Studio Galleries and Café
Tucson, Arizona

St. James skillfully mingles various elements of Americana. His songs are a perfect blend of folk and country. This blend gives St. James’ songs an eclectic nature that is truly unique.
Stephan Centanni, Lagniappe, Mobile, Alabama
Jim St. James: Voice like the feel of the most exotic silk found anywhere in the world. An artist I can listen to all day, all night and never get bored with. So many of his tunes reflect so much of the every day life of the average person you feel as if he is speaking only to you. In the 20 plus years I've been listening to him I always think he can't get any better.... then he does! Love & miss you So much. Keep on keeping on baby!
Pj Berndt, Biloxi, Mississippi